06th Feb *Market Day* (Tomorrow)

The CCG are having a ‘pop up’ stand in Leek tomorrow in the market (somewhere). Please feel free to ask them as many questions as possible (you might even get an answer).

Here are some questions you could ask:

  1. Why have you ‘temporarily’ closed the beds BEFORE having the consultation and MORE importantly implemented an alternative?
  2. The CCG alternative to the beds has been ‘D2A’ (Discharge to Assess) and ‘Home First’. These ‘alternatives’ that have been promoted by the CCG for the last two years, have been found to be NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and have been scrapped. Why haven’t the hopital beds been re-opened?
  3. Why is your preferred option of *hospital beds* to be a PRIVATE care-home, when over FIFTY PERCENT of these care homes that you utilise need improvement?
  4. One of the care homes you are ‘commissioning’ is Adderley Green. A bed here costs upward of £3400 A WEEK. I understand that the CCG will be paying for these beds with OUR money if they are utilised or not. That is £3400 per BED, per WEEK!! Do you think this is good use of money and will this care home offer the same care that Leek Moorlands Hospital would with fully trained nurses?
  5. The CCG say that they want to either ‘refurb’ or ‘rebuild’ our Moorlands Hospital and turn it into an ‘Integrated Care Hub’ (ITC). Can you categorically state that this ITC will have all the services and beds that the Moorlands Hospital USED to have?

Please ‘pop’ over to their stall to ‘have a chat’.

Pop up stands at shopping centres and markets 

Leek Market, ST13 5HH 6 February  11am – 2pm  
Cheadle Outdoor Market, ST10 1AA 15 February   11am – 2pm

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