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The petition was set up by Pamela Wood who is a district councillor for the area, and before retiring she spent the last twelve years of her career working at the hospital as a nurse manager (sister). So she knows just how important the hospital is to the community.

The Action Group was started by Michelle Harrison who is landlady of the Blue Mugge.

This website has been set up by me, Nick Sheldon to help get the word out.

The Leek Moorlands Hospital is a vital service to the surrounding communities and has saved lives, my son included. The comments on the petition page make for some very interesting reading and highlights the many roles that it provides. The hospital not only provides an A&E but also excellent wards and a high quality minor injury department, Physiotherapists, X-rays, ultrasound scans, occupational therapists, and consultants. I find it incredulous in a time of re-generation and house building; the mount has plans for a housing estate and there is also plans for 170 houses and a marina down near where Hughes Concrete was; that they want to cut a much needed service. Macclesfield A&E is also to be downgraded, which would only leave Stoke ‘North Staffs’, which as we all know can’t cope with the demand as it is.


1) the CCG or  North Staffordshire Clinical Commisioning Group are the authority which hold the purse strings for all health service money spent in North Staffordshire. They decide which services to fund and which not to.
2) last week senior managers went to meet staff at Leek Moorlands Hospital and told them unofficially that the CCG would stop funding the beds at Leek after September this year.
3) the CCG will start a consultation in May this year on their future plans which includes the future of leek moorlands hospital.

Pamela is meeting with Marcus Warnes Accountability officer from CCG on Monday and has an arsenal of questions to ask. If you have any questions that you would like to add then please add them in the comments.

ONLINE Webcasts:

You can watch Council meetings on (search for webcast).  Last nights 22/02/17 meeting is on there now. You can see the discussion that Pamela had with Sybil Ralphs.

Thank you for reading. Please spread the word of this site and sign the petition.

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    1. Leek desperately needs its hospital, I can only believe that the decision to deprive us of this has been taken by persons unknown with numerous degrees but very little common sense.

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