Banners still looking great!

I had to fix the #saveleekhospital banner on Ladderedge earlier as the wind had caught it and the message was not being displayed. Looks great again now and gets a lot of attention. Thank you to everyone who contacted me about it.

They are doing a fantastic job as we get many emails from concerned residents all over the Staffordshire Moorlands on a daily basis telling us their stories and why we need to save our beloved local Hospital. The online petition is now OVER 40,000 and shows no signs of abating. Our hand written petitions are also in the 1000’s. Everywhere you look you see the posters in the windows of houses and shops and car stickers in all sorts of vehicles.

Thank you and let’s keep plugging away. We are making a lot of noise and it is being heard in many places.


Save Leek Hospital Banner
Save Leek Hospital Banner on Ladderedge

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