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The Save Leek Moorlands Action Group has had an overwhelming response to the appeal for people to tell us about their experiences of the Leek Moorlands Hospital. Here is just a handful of those comments – more to follow at a later stage.

Many thanks to everyone who has been in touch. Those of you who have agreed to be further interviewed by our press officer, please bear with us and we will contact as many of you as we can for such interviews.


“Both my grandmas were sent here when they had been in north staffs to get better. It is a nice hospital and a lot nearer than stoke hospital. I have also used the minor injuries department a few times instead of going to a and e.” CT


“My nan had her final weeks there. The staff did a great job of making her comfortable.” S


“The hospital is vital to the health and well being of people within Staffordshire Moorlands, not just Leek. The local services are essential. The quality of care in all departments is excellent. All the staff care about the patients.” ST


“Brilliant walk in centre and great diabetes reviews.” AS


“Been to minor injuries with the children umpteen of times.” DT


“I have been there on a number of occasions by myself and with my children for X-Rays and minor A&E visits. The staff are always very friendly, helpful and supportive. If this hospital closed down, this would be a huge loss to our community, and further hinder an already struggling A&E in Stoke on Trent.” JW


“North staffs is too far away for minor injuries. I have used Leek Moorlands Hospital services a few times. I have also been able to see a specialist for my son as a baby without the arduous journey to North Staffs. Brilliant.” HM


“It’s been there for the whole family over the years. I’ve had minor operations there, scans, x-rays and physiotherapist. I’ve attended the minor injuries unit with my husband and children over the years as life happens. More importantly though it supports the completely overwhelmed larger hospitals that would not be able to absorb more patients at this time.” J


“Leek Moorlands Hospital offered my great gran respite care. Staff dress my nan’s ulcer on her leg and did my ultrasound.” KM


“My nan had end of life care there. My elderly dad broke his wrist and was looked after there without the stress of going good to Stoke. And I have had physio for a back injury and help for all the family from minor I juries. It is an invaluable service which helps take the pressures of University Hospital of Stoke.” JB


“It has been there for me and my family including for: in patient care, out patient appointments, children’s injuries. Takes pressure of the larger hospitals, less daunting, more personal, less waiting time. In my work, caring for people with disabilities it can be a frightening experience going to hospital, but going to Leek Moorlands Hospital is so a much more of a positive experience for them.” SP


“My Gran was an inpatient on the wards at Leek Moorlands Hospital and was given palliative care that was faultless. I’ve been treated there myself at the minor injuries and so have pretty much every single member of my family at some point, including my one-year-old daughter. Services should be increased there and more provided to ease the pressure of A&E at North Staffs. If there was children’s medical services or maternity services for example (like the old Cottage Hospital) it would be an invaluable asset to the area. It’s ridiculous to keep cutting services and then criticise the NHS for not coping.” JP


“Minor injuries unit visited many times with my grandchildren and the care given to my mum when she was admitted for transfusion when she had cancer.” LB


“I used to work there and also my family rely on the facilities of this hospital. They are elderly. We need this in our town and not have to go all the way to North Staffs.” SC


“Had treatment and X-rays there over the years, also visited a neighbour transferred from North Staffs. Also, whilst working at Brough Park I’ve taken and recommended members/customers nip to the Moorlands for further checks on injuries.” SG


“My mum and sister in law worked there plus relatives have stayed there and numerous visits to minor injuries.” RT


“I have had several members of my family looked after at the Moorlands. Rehabilitated, shown dignity and most importantly to the people who are poorly, bringing them home to Leek.  It’s a fantastic facility.  It will put even more pressure on the Stoke Royal Hospital.” VP


“My children have had x rays, scans, and fast and effective care. My uncle passed away on the Salisbury Ward and was very well looked after. I have had minor operations here. To get rid of this hospital will make matter worse for the town. The wait in bigger hospitals is terrible already and this will add to it.” MT


“It has always been there for us with minor injuries, consultants visits, out of hours care and it was where I was born.” IM


“I have had treatment there when I was recovering from my bad back. Also I have received treatment in the walk in centre. We need this hospital in Leek.” JO


“Leek Moorlands helped me at Christmas when I was ill. They were very helpful and very pleasant.” CB


“Helped my dad when he was poorly. Good for minor injuries, X-rays, and stopped you going all the way to North Staffs. Leek Moorlands is used by a lot of people who can’t get down to the bigger hospitals. Keep it open.” DJ


“Supported my father in law during his end of life care.” JM


“When you have a minor accident the local hospital is a god send.” PE


“Chest X-ray. Glass splinter remove from hand. Physio.” AT


“I go to Moorland’s hospital once a week for physiotherapy after suffering a liver disease which left me with complete muscle wastage. When I first came for physiotherapy eight months ago I couldn’t walk I couldn’t get up from a chair without assistance. I couldn’t lift my feet onto the pavement. Now thanks to the amazing work at the physiotherapy I am now off crutches. I am now just using a stick and I can walk on my own without any assistance. If I had to go to another hospital there is no way I could have done it. I couldn’t drive because I was so weak and I couldn’t walk to the bus stop let alone sit for two hours on two different buses which would have cost me about £14 return and to catch a taxi would have cost £30 to £40 return. So if it wasn’t for Leek Moorlands Hospital I would still be still be stuck in the house. My gran was one of the founding members of the League of Friends for Moorlands Hospital.” RP


“Emergency treatment for the children several times over the years.” SW


3 thoughts on “Email Testimonial Responses

  1. I have visited the Moorlands Hospital for physio treatment and have used the walk in centre and will be going again soon for a chest x-ray. An older family member was an in patient while recovering from hip surgery, this made visiting easier and it was better for her. It is a wonderful and very necessary facility in our town, just knowing it is there is reassuring. Travelling to the North Staffs for treatment is a lengthy business by public transport and not much quicker by car!! The Moorlands Hospital is not a luxury, it is a necessity and to close it would be a crime against the people of Leek and surrounding areas.

  2. We have been extremely lucky to have such a fantastic asset in north staffordshire and in particular our town Leek ,I believe that the people in Leek and the surrounding area that use and have used the Leek and Moorlands Hospital have benefited from their experience with wonderful staff and the treatment in all areas being second to none, we have used the hospital ourselves and on each occasion have been totally satisfied , please leave our Hospital alone and let the staff that work there get on with the job they were trained to do.,

  3. I have used several of the clinics held at Leek hospital and it’s an amazing local facility. It saves hours of travel and waiting time if you were to go to Stoke or Macclesfield. The waiting times there are atrocious and closing our local facility will just add more pressure to those already struggling and under resourced facilities.
    Closing it to demolish it and develop on? That’s ludicrous and criminal. What about all the already empty brownfield sites in and around Leek? The empty mills, empty garages that have shut, the old army camp etc etc.
    We need to fight to save our much loved and needed local facilities.

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