Oct 16th – 6pm – St Edwards School – Leek – BE THERE

This is our chance to show the CCG, government, NHS that we will NOT roll over and let them take our beloved Leek Moorlands Hospital away from us.

They are trying to make it as hard as possible for people to have their say. This ‘pre-consultation’ hasn’t been advertised to its full extent. Heck, we (SLH Action Group) couldn’t even find it on their website until we questioned them.

Everyone we have spoken too didn’t know anything about it until WE told them either via this website, facebook page or face to face talking.

After the last ‘stealth’ public meeting the CCG and indeed the council are worried about how many people are going to turn up. Our action group has raised awareness at all levels and the feedback and passion about our hospital is unprecedented.

There are a number of factors why we SHOULDN’T lose our hospital.

‘Stadium Court in Cobridge has been commissioned by the North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to locate the people that would be in LMH, Bradwell, or Cheadle beds. This place has FAILED at all levels. See this pageĀ http://www.saveleekhospital.online/urgent-beds-replace-lmh-beds/ . NOW, our ward manager from the LMH has had to go over there to try and sort the mess out.. You couldn’t write this, you really couldn’t… Shut our wards and send our excellent staff over to the place where the patients have been sent to try and sort out the mess!!!’

‘450 new homes are earmarked for Leek in the near future, which means up to 2000 new people and families. Surely we need the hospital services upgrading, not taken away.’

‘Our hospital serves a lot of rural families and businesses and the air ambulance is very active in our area. Flash, Ipstones, Onecote, Waterhouses, Bradnop etc. Where are these people supposed to go?’

‘Getting to North Staffs or Macclesfield is a military operation. After the ‘up to’ one hour drive, you then have to try and find a parking place. You might as-well write your whole day off.’

‘People want to be close to their loved ones, and surely walking to the local hospital is safer, better for the environment, less stressful, and serves the community’

‘The Minor Injuries unit is very busy and serves all our local schools, businesses, and families.’

‘There are loads of services that we would lose if the hospital were to disappear.’




Forward this website to people.

EMAIL this website to people.

If there is one thing you do this year that CAN make a difference.. THIS IS IT!

St Edwards School

18:00 (6pm)

Just turn up and have your say.

Lets show them THE MIGHT OF the Moorlanders


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