WOW What a turnout! Public Meeting – 13/06/17

You , the people of the Moorlands excelled yourselves last night by standing together to fight the closure of our Leek Moorlands Hospital. Marcus Warnes as usual being his slippery self who was schooled at the same place as our MP Karen Bradley in the art of NOT answering questions, but at least he showed up, so I will give him that.
As I see it, we have a perfectly functioning hospital at THAT site, that we want to see expanded and upgraded. Surely it’s less expensive to ADD to a site that is functioning and providing a service.
It’s quite obvious that they want to sell the site for housing, as it has drainage and foundations etc ready to build on.
I found Sybil Ralphs’ comment (right at the beginning of the presentation) of using the Waitrose site, very suspect.
The #saveleekhospital Action Group spoke for a good two hours after and we are making plans off the back of this and taking it to the next level. We are also attending another meeting today in the Council Chambers at 14:00 (2pm) to ask more questions.
Thank you to each and everyone who made the time to attend the public meeting, we really showed them that we will not roll over and let them do what they think they want to.
Actually, the more I think about it, the more it doesn’t sit right with me. If we hadn’t found out about the meeting and told you, how would you have known it was on? I think this meeting was set up to be a quiet affair with people patting each other on the back. The reason it was so well attended, in fact OVER attended is because of the #saveleekhospital action group!
As I said at the end, we will not roll over and we will fight them to the bitter end.
Thank you.
Nick Sheldon

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