Email to the CCG

I have just sent this email to the CCG:

I am contacting you on behalf of the Save Leek Hospital Action Group. We walked away from the pre-consultation with a renewed optimism garnered from the CCG starting to listen and Marcus Warnes stating to me and Mark Povey that the hospital (as-is) would not close. The site would be remodelled with 6 rehabilitation beds, a dementia care excellence ward and the services that are there now would stay and indeed be enhanced. We would like an update with date/times and what the process is going to entail. When is the next step and what is it? As you have probably seen there is a huge backlash online with the closing of the wards. The problem with the CCG is communication. We thought you had made a breakthrough and were ready to keep everybody up to speed and to start managing questions / criticisms. The SLH action group are being constantly asked what is going on and without any actual input from yourselves, we are finding it difficult to answer questions. I await your response. Regards Nick Sheldon

I will keep you updated of any response.

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