Response to email

Just to let you all know that the CCG have responded to the email / website message we sent / posted.

We are now in the process of setting up an initial meeting with them which looks like being at the end of this month.

We have a number of questions to ask and also we want clarity and specifics on what is happening and inded what IS to happen to our beloved local Leek Moorlands Hospital.

An answer to the following question would be most agreeable:

We have learned that the UHNM are reopening Bradwell and sending the bill to the CCG! UHNM cannot discharge patients who require sub acute care from Royal Stoke because that care is not available in sufficient high quality or volume in the community despite Marcus Warnes of the CCh repeatedly stating it is.

The process according to our information is a ward will reopen November, a further ward in December and the next in January. We think this is due to Winter Pressures that has been forced on the UHNM to undertake.

We would like to know if Leek Moorlands houses one of the wards that is to reopen and if so, where are they gong to get the staff?

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