Shout out for Karen Bradley! We want you to attend the 13/06/17 public meeting!

Karen Bradley was re-elected to be our voice in Westminster. She has also stated ‘categorically‘ on a facebook post and also in a radio interview that ‘..the hospital will not close..’

Well, here’s the rub.. Yes, she got re-elected, BUT, she will not expect to have to go through this election procedure again. Let’s face it, there will, in all likelihood, be another election before the end of the year. She will not be able to ‘hide’ for another FIVE years, she is going to be held to account RIGHT NOW!

At the pre-election hustings held at Trinity Church that Karen Bradley did NOT attend, all the other candidates spoke of the hospital and their aim to save it.

Leaflets given out by all the other candidates stating their case and why you should vote for them to be our voice ALL mentioned the hospital / NHS.. Whereas Karen Bradleys’ pre-election leaflet mentioned ‘Brexit & Broadband’ and did not even allude to OUR hospital OR the NHS.

Come on Karen Bradley, let’s see you stand up for the people of the Moorlands and fight the closure of these beds, and this hospital RIGHT NOW.

Come on Karen Bradley let’s see you speaking for us and fighting the Moorlands corner at this public meeting that is happening TOMORROW night .. Tuesday 13th June at 18:30 at St Edwards School.

You stated in your ‘victory’ speech to be OUR voice.. This is the time to put your words into effect

We will all be there Karen Bradley… Will you?


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