Vote of NO confidence – PASSED!

Great result at the Extraordinary Meeting of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council!
As a result of our amazing #saveleekhospital campaign, the leader of the council has proposed a ‘Motion of No Confidence in the Clinical Commisioning Group of North Staffordshire’. The motion was passed unanimously.
Councillor Sybil Ralphs also proposed that the two wards at the Moorlands should be used to house a centre of excellence for dementia care but our (SLH) Councillor Pamela Wood insisted that there should always be some rehabilitation beds retained at the hospital.
The vote of No Confidence will be forwarded to the Minister of State for Health Jeremy Hunt with a request that he intervenes to safeguard health care in our area.

This is a fantastic result for the SaveLeekHospital Action Group, as we have been fighting for this since DAY ONE. It was also part of Nick Sheldon’s general election campaign. The fight is still on, and we are still piling on the pressure, and today we (SAVELEEKHOSPITAL) see this is a WIN. The fact that this isn’t just a vote of no confidence ‘locally’ withing the confines of Leek and it’s district council, this motion is going to PARLIAMENT and the guy making the decisions.

Please keep up the support and help us to keep OUR hospital OPEN.

Thank you


2 thoughts on “Vote of NO confidence – PASSED!

  1. So well done, hopefully all your hard work has paid off. I do agree with Pam Wood that we need to maintain some rehabilitation beds. Perhaps a ward for each of the two services.

  2. This is fantastic news, only there at pain clinic this week great service for all our area I come from Cheadle and the round trip to RSUH would be twice the distance and in queues of traffic adding more pollution alone if you multiply that journey, otherwise it’s two very poor bus services which would take me all day literally.👌👌👍👍👏👏

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