Minutes – 16.05.17

Save Leek Moorlands Hospital – Meeting at Red Lion in Leek – 16.05.2017

1) Attendance – Pam Wood, Nick Sheldon, Belinda Hargreaves, Mark Povey, Joan Hobster, Georgina Gayes, Emma Hobson, Craig Platt, Glenn Marriot, Charlotte Atkins, Paul Harrison Michelle Harrison.
2) Apologies – Michelle Walters, Adrian Northcott, Anya Acres, Janet Burgess, Alison Ratcliffe, Clare Ross.
2) Matters arising – minutes accepted.
3) Petition Update: Online well over 22,000 UK signatures and well over 40,000 in total. JH is sorting the postcodes for area for the hard copy petitions.
CA – if have over 5,000 signatures from Staffordshire and then present to Staffordshire County Council, this can instigate a debate about the issue at county level. Agreed for JH to sort through to see how many from Staffordshire on hard copy and for CA to then put forward for debate at county council. Agreed to leave online petition open for now.
4) MP Candidate – PW said that NS is standing as a Single Issue Candidate for the General Election on June 8.
5) Leaflets and posters and car stickers – car stickers are getting low.
6) Social Media – NS said this is going really well especially with the latest General Election news. Just over 1,500 following on the facebook plus reach has gone up.
7) Letter Updates – none.
8) Public meting and events – PW said there will not be a public meeting before the general election.
9) Case Studies – BH said that she has carried out an interview with Maureen Motum and has mentioned to P&T reporter Les Jackson. Pam and Charlotte explained how they lobbied for Maureen to go to Leek Moorlands Hospital instead of the care home she had initially been put in. PW – Val Brooks’ husband has been discharged from Leek Hospital to be cared for at home (PW has passed on to Les – could BH look into it if time.)
10) Ambulance Service – no news.
11) Any other business – NS has heard that social care staff who used to be in Fountain Street building and then in SMDC Moorlands House are now to move up to Leek Moorlands Hospital. CA said that social care is now under a new contract. Social workers are employed by SSOTP. CA to investigate. PW – a comment on facebook has asked for Save Leek Hospital meeting dates and minutes to be published on the website- all agreed to do this from now on. It was agreed NOT to use any of the Hospital Campaign funds for MS campaign but to fund-raise separately.

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