The story in the Leek Post regarding the CCG and bed closures

I went up to our beloved local Leek Moorlands Hospital today to meet the staff and patients. The nurses were very happy to meet and talk to me about the campaign. I went to see one patient, in particular, and she is being looked after superbly in one of the 37 FULL beds at Leek Moorlands Hospital. She’s really pleased a combined effort, involving the action group, succeeded in moving her from a nursing home and into the Leek Moorlands, so she can be closer to her family and friends.

This also reinforces the absolute lies that are being peddled by the CCG in the last article that was on the front page of the Leek Post & Times and reported in the The Sentinel. They stated that the beds are only being used by FIVE ‘Leek’ people. I have personally spoken to two different people (who I may add, I did not know previously) today and they both have told me that they have family who CANNOT get a bed in the Moorlands Hospital due to them being full, and have had to go to North Staffs (his mother was 82 and had pneumonia). This ‘mis’-management of beds is being systematically done on purpose to ‘fudge’ figures to decry the local use of the beds. I believe this ‘tactic’ is in fact counterproductive. It doesn’t matter WHO is in the beds or WHERE they are from. If the beds are full then they are being FULLY utilized. So, why are the CCG closing the beds? It all comes down to money. It seems people’s health doesn’t factor in this day and age. We have been paying into the NHS all our lives, and the people who are of a certain age, and who are going to need the services that the NHS provide are suddenly not going to get the care that they are entitled to. To stay in a hospital bed, it costs approximately £2200 per week. To stay in a nursing home, it costs £700 per week. Why is there such a difference?

Story in the Leek Post & Times


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  1. This is down to Tory mismanagement they just want to sell it of so their rich friends can make a profit out of it.

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