Bitterly disappointed.. apparently – *Karen Bradley*

Today, the local rag allowed ‘our’ *ahem* ‘MP’ to post a statement relating to the hospital and specifically she dis-respected the #saveleekhospital Action Group. Apparently she was *bitterly disappointed*.. disappointed would have been bad enough, but to stick ‘bitterly’ in front of it, it must be bad, or is it just more curveballs’ and ‘distractions’ or ‘deflections’ (call it what you will) to alleviate the huge burden of letting her electorate down and the shame of ‘votechasing’ by stating this:

But hold on.. Karen is *bitterly disappointed* with the Action Group, not herself. So, let’s do a timeline for #karenbradley and help her channel her *bitterly disappointedness* towards the right area.. namely herself, because let’s face it, all the Save Leek Hospital Action Group has tried to do is exactly what it says in our title.


Yes, that’s right, we are not called


Anyway, back to the timeline:

28th February 2017 we printed SIXTEEN THOUSAND leaflets and we hand delivered them to all residencies in Leek and had them available at shops etc..

13th March 2017 we reminded people to write to #KarenBradleyMP to highlight our cause.

21st March 2017 we had 2000 posters printed. These are in loads of houses in Leek.

29th March 2017 we had HUGE banners created and these are still up now

05th April 2017 we attended the CCG public meeting and made OUR voice heard. We spoke for the people of Leek Moorlands.

12th May 2017 Nick Sheldon stood as a Single Issue Candidate for Save Leek Hospital. He came third, beating the liberal democrats and green party. There was a hustings held at Trinity Church and KAREN BRADLEY did NOT attend!

10th June 2017 the Action Group got wind of a ‘stealth’ public meeting to be held on June 13th at St Edwards School, so we decided to help out with the advertising of this ‘public’ meeting. There was well over 1000 in attendance!

12th June 2017 we posted a shout out for Karen Bradley to attend the meeting.. KAREN BRADLEY did NOT attend!

13th June 2017 at the meeting Sybil Ralphs stated that the Waitrose site would be great for a hospital.. So hold on, we are closing a perfectly functioning hospital to errr.. open a new one, obviously with diminished services and NO beds.

14th June 2017 ALL the staff at the hospital were given notice of their jobs! This is obviously before the *public consultation*!!!! We attended a health scrutiny meeting and delivered a statement to the CCG and council.

16th June 2017 we helped the Leek Moorlands people by advertising that Karen Bradley was holding one of her rare surgeries and that if they wanted to ask her questions then she would be available for the THIRD of her FOUR hours that she devotes to her electorate. KAREN BRADLEY did NOT attend!

  • Karen Bradley has since cancelled her FOURTH and last hour and her *surgery* timetable is nowhere to be found on her site…

And during this we have had 42000 online petition signatures, 5000 hard copy petitions, and HUNDREDS of emails to this website. We have also sent loads of letters and emails to relevant parties.

So, with all that above, we are failing to understand why Karen Bradley is disappointed with us, the ‘Save Leek Hospital Action Group’..

Well we all know, don’t we…….


One thought on “Bitterly disappointed.. apparently – *Karen Bradley*

  1. Really shocking I can’t understand why people gave her an increase in majority when she obviously tries to blame a campaign which is local Leek people, some who live across the road like my Grandmother who depend on the services of the Leek Moorlands Hospital, it’s a Jeremy Hunt style, blame the Doctors and Nurses when they strike, that’s the mentality we have here, if we can put on others shoulders we are in the clear.

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