Petition Delivery to COUNTY Council

This is what we ‘#saveleekhospital‘ Action Group are doing next. We have worked tirelessly over the last seven months to raise awareness and challenge the ‘powers that be’ about OUR beloved local Leek Moorlands Hospital. The members of the action group have put their lives and families on hold to fight the closure. The signatures we have altogether amount to over 50,000, but we have whittled them down to just the specific Staffordshire post code and have over 20,000. That is a fantastic result and has been the result of of our website , our Facebook page Save Leek Hospital , petitions we have printed off for people who have no internet , and various meetings. We also have over a thousand emails to the website from concerned residents of the Staffordshire Moorlands which we have compiled and can give heartfelt factual testimonies. On Thursday, the action group will present these signatures and deliver a speech for YOU. The SLH action group have one agenda and we are fighting for YOU to SAVE OUR hospital. I (Nick Sheldon), personally have learnt a hell of a lot over these last few months working with the other fantastic members of the action group and the general election process, and I am committed to fight for Leek Staffordshire Moorlands as an independent.
When I stood as a single issue candidate for #saveleekhospital I attended a hustings alongside the other candidates. One candidate (the re-elected) Karen Bradley did NOT attend. If she had attended, I was going to challenge her in front of everybody.. This is what I was going to say:
‘Karen, you have been the ONLY person to categorically state that OUR hospital will NOT close. I stand here before you and alongside all these people and if you can, with your ‘hand on your heart’ assure all of us in this room that OUR hospital, the beds, the services, the site, the whole building will stay as it is now (the beds are full, the services are all used, the minor injuries is always busy, the x-ray machine is used well over its quota) then I will remove all banners and posters and I will stand down as a candidate…..
I had this speech ready but never had chance to use it.
I am sure a lot of people want to challenge her on her ‘categorically will not close’ statement that was issued before the general election vote….
So, the fight continues and WILL continue ‘to the bitter end’ (I pointed to Marcus Warnes of the CCG and said this at the end of the public meeting).

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