Part 2 – Email Testimonial Responses

Here is another handful of comments which have been received via the Save Leek Moorlands Hospital website.

The Save Leek Moorlands Hospital Action Group has had an overwhelming response to the appeal for people to tell us about their experiences of the Leek Moorlands Hospital. Here is just a second helping of those comments – more to follow at a later stage.

Many thanks to everyone who has been in touch. Those of you who have agreed to be further interviewed by our press officer, please bear with us and we will contact as many of you as we can for such interviews.

“Used the accident unit for myself and both of my kids, and more recently grandkids. Also my mum was a in patient here for a few years with dementia.” JA


“It’s helped regarding my 3 year old so many times. I also went to be seen at Leek Moorlands a couple of years ago where they called for an ambulance for me.” CW


“I have used both the minor injuries and X-ray facilities on several occasions. This service is vital as Stoke is so far away and overcrowded.” KW


“A few years ago my then 4 year old daughter fell from the climbing frame in Brough Park and landed on her head. Because we were able to drop in at the hospital it saved valuable time as we took her there ourselves. If Leek closes then it’s a 999 call from now on which surely will drain the Ambulance service. Since then we have used the hospital on several occasions guided by the doctors receptionist as they had no free appointments and a medical examination by a professional was warranted. Needless to say we have a number of elderly relatives in my partners family who I dare say will in the near future need this service.” RA


“The emergency treatment has treated burns, deep cuts to the eye and helped with a meningitis scare.” IT


“My disabled husband was in urgent need of treatment. A journey to Derby Royal Hospital, the nearest to our home, would have been long, at least 45 minutes with waiting time on top of that, and very uncomfortable. His GP was able to contact The Moorlands Hospital and arrange for the treatment to be given there. This entailed  a journey of only 10 minutes, barely any waiting time and a crisis was averted.” JD


“I live in Leek and this hospital is used by so many residents.” Mrs S


“My Mum was brought up in Leek with family still living there. My Grandfather  (her Dad) passed away at Leek Moorlands shortly after Christmas  years ago after suffering from a rare illness. He had many blood transfusions here saving the long journey to North Staffs which would of caused great discomfort. My Grandfather returned to his home town to die in a place he both knew and loved.” RJ


“Speedy treatment of brother when suffering from a dangerous allergic reaction.” AG


“We have all been there at some point at a time of need!” SC


“So many times with family.” JF


“My husband has Alzheimer’s dementia and I have to take him there for his check ups. Also if I have to go to the hospital I have to leave him on his own, he does not like going out very much. If we had to go to Stoke all the time it is too much for him and me to worry if I have to go it would take most of the day. We can’t afford to have people in to look after him and he would not have it anyway. “ MB


“Been of tremendous value to elderly respite care. I have had numerous physiology appointments and x-rays there. It is an excellent local resource.” BS


“My son lives in Leek and works in Dunwood. His granddad was in Leek Hospital and he says it was excellent.” SH


“I fell and broke my wrist and had an x-ray at Leek Moorlands. Also I was really ill one night and in great pain with an eye socket infection and was extremely grateful to be able to be seen at Leek Moorlands at very short notice. I would feel very vulnerable without such a valuable local resource.” LJ


“It has enabled me to get treatment earlier than having to wait for an appointment at the Royal Stoke Hospital .” SM


“I myself have had quite a lot of physiotherapy over the last few years, and have also had treatment in minor injuries, also appointments with specialists. My husband and children have also attended Moorlands Hospital for many minor injuries. A few years ago the Cottage Ward also helped my mother for many weeks when she had cancer. I think that we need this hospital in Leek so very much.” SB


“Both my wife and I are in our eighties. We attend for appointments as we have no car and would find with the local hospital closed would have great difficulties.” SB


“It was a most convenient venue to see a consultant for a throat examination a few years ago. Also I have visited friends, some of whom have since passed on. The care they had near to their home and friends was instrumental in maintaining their spirits and dignity.” TS


“Recently my husband and I had chest x-rays. If Leek Moorlands wasn’t there we would have had to go to North Staffs Hospital putting more pressure on them. The travelling as well plus we probably wouldn’t have had the x-rays yet because of high demand on there services. Leek Moorlands offers vital services for local people closure would devastate Leek.” Mrs G


“Through various different illnesses and injuries, Leek Hospital has been a vital part in the treatment and recovery of many close friends. Surely the idea that it takes the strain off A&E departments should be enough to convince you of how important it is!” KJ


“Such a great convenient medical resource. North Staffs is too far as it takes us over an hour to get there.” TH


“The minor injuries department has been invaluable to Alan and I over the years, especially when we were not able to get appointments with the GP. I developed shingles over a weekend and knew the quicker I had access to anti virals the better the outcome would be for me. The hospital sorted me out quickly, even so I became very ill, without prompt help from The Moorlands I would have been much worse. The pressures on A and E in Stoke are immense and it would be intolerable for people from Leek and Moorlands to have to travel there for minor injuries. The hospital beds are also an invaluable asset, providing the opportunity for our elderly relatives to be released from hospital sooner rather than later, and freeing up acute hospital beds for those most in need of that care.” RJ


“I have been to the hospital a few times over the last few years and always been very pleased with the excellent service I have received by the dedicated staff.” BP


“Mum – Blood transfusion during cancer treatment. Husband – First aid and treatment for an accident when he partially severed his finger with an axe. Me – My 20 week pregnancy scan.” NC


“Leek Hospital has helped our family on several occasions. Our grandson had an accident while visiting Leek and he was dealt with quickly by the hospital. All was well, but without the hospital we would have had to travel to Stoke A&E. My wife and myself have also visited the minor injuries unit on a number of occasions, the last time being to deal with my eye. This was due to a minor accident I received while gardening. Once again the treatment and care was first class.” RU


“The A&E department has supported me and my family for over 40 years in times of need. In recent years it has meant I can visit and stay in touch with friends who have been admitted to hospital.” WM


“I have visited a & e many times over the years with my children as they were growing up. I’ve visited many family friends over the years who have been moved to the hospital so that they can be near to family, which is invaluable and I have friends who work on the wards so the hospital is their livelihood.” DP


“Helped my children on many occasions, rashes, temperatures. Helps me, who doesn’t drive, to get scans and x rays done. It is vital to our community as a lot of us do not have the means to go further.” LB


“X rays and Emergency consultations. It is a vital part of our community.” WB


“My son had to be treated for an infected finger. My husband has been treated for a work injury. This hospital gives a valuable service to the community.” JH


“Mother and sister were  cared for in their final stages of life with love and dignity. My daughter started her nursing career as an auxiliary nurse before going onto Dudley Road Hospital Birmingham. This gave her a good grounding in basic nursing care, the staff and patients always giving her plenty of encouragement. She loved her time at the hospital. The eye clinic was also well used by myself and various members of my family. My brother and his wife were members of the League of Friends to the Hospital helping to raise large sums of money for equipment. It would be very sad to see all their efforts disappear from the community. The hospital is a vital asset and should be used to its fullest extent, providing medical care locally, not transferring to the large complexes outside the area.” BB


“Several visits of family to minor injuries over the years. Would have clogged up A&E at UHNS if this service wasn’t available.” BM


6 thoughts on “Part 2 – Email Testimonial Responses

  1. When I was an amateur rugby player, I used the xray facilities on several occasions. I was in and out with 45 minutes. It would have take 2/3 hours at Stoke and would have put unnecessary strain on there A&E department. Leek Moorlands minor injuries department is vital for Staffordshire Moorlands residents, as well reducing A&E pressures in North Staffordshire.

  2. I live in Leek and needed an ultrasound scan due to an ongoing medical condition. With Leek Hospital able to provide this service, I was able to have the scan done with minimum disruption to my job.

    I would also like to share the experience of two elderly relatives from outside the Leek area who required the specialist rehabilitation Leek Hospital is able to provide. Unfortunately, the local community hospital that could have provided this service for my relatives was closed just when they needed this help. The result? Both relatives had to be treated a considerable distance from home. Providing care at home sounds like a great idea in practice, but some elderly patients need the extra care and specialist rehabilitation that only a facility like Leek Hospital can provide.

  3. I have used the minor injuries unit at Leek Moorlands with my 2 daughters over the years. They are very active, lively and sporty girls. Accidents occur unfortunately, and to know that we have a facility on our doorsteps if needed is necessary and re-assuring. My oldest daughter has had a few x-rays at Leek Moorlands, due to some sporting injuries, whereby ? a fracture. Luckily some have been alright, but one time, a particular x-ray was suspicious of a fracture, so we went straight to the fracture clinic and of course there was a wait in there, but she was seen and put in plaster. Last summer my youngest daughter, fell of her scooter in the back garden, and caught the back of her head on a table and it was bleeding profusely, which she was unaware until she saw the blood. I grabbed some kitchen roll and applied pressure, put gauze on it and bandaged it and took her straight up to the Moorlands. They were fantastic, my daughter was assessed and her gash on her head was glued. From my own personal experiences or any future events, I am very grateful and thankful we have the Leek Moorlands Hospital. My uncle last year was on Saddler ward last year for rehab and awaiting a nursing home placement. It was nice to have him near to home and be on a ward geared up for rehab, whereby having the time to provide this specialist care. I am a Staff Nurse at the Royal Stoke UHNM, and feel these community hospitals are needed. The Government go on about care in the community etc, but patients are in acute beds medically fit at our Hospital for days or weeks awaiting a care package. So places like rehab beds are essential to help with the flow of patients. I fully support to SAVE LEEK HOSPITAL, because UHNM will have further strain on an ever increasing busy major Hospital at the Royal Stoke if Leek Moorlands close. It just does not make sense. It probably boils down to money, but in this day and age I feel it should be about services and quality. Leek covers a vast and big area, so people need to speak out and save this Hospital, because it will be too late when it’s gone!!. Please sign the petitions and get your stories on here.

  4. A&E at Stoke is already overwhelmed at times with patients on trains of trollies along the corridors causing unnecessary suffering and death. My brother was taken from Leek and suffered a cardiac arrest arising from the stress of eleven hours on a trolley! Public transport access from the Leek area is time consuming resulting in potentially dangerous delays. Folk blessed with all day/night private transportation find the trip difficult with parking expensive and in short supply at busy times.

    Leek Hospital is an essential facility for health care for the Moorlands Community. People will suffer and die if it is closed.

    Administrative and managerial cost cost cutting will help fund front line services!

    Administrative functions and costs such as large GCG’s and management generally should be the first to suffer cuts

  5. This hospital has been an invaluable asset to the community and surrounding areas. For the residents of Leek it’s far more accessible than having to travel to Stoke’s main hospital, to close this facility would mean putting extra load on the big hospital which is already under severe pressure. Our local hospital provides an essential service for the local community.

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