Posters for your window now available!!

How great would it be if everyone had a poster in their window, that was visible to all traffic coming into Leek? Well, HCM Printers have done us proud once again and printed off 2000 of these eye-catching posters. The poster is also available for you to download and print to your hearts content and help out your neighbour who maybe hasn’t got a printer. They will be available from the action group tomorrow. Please comment if you want one, and we will let you know where you can pick one up from. If your window is very visible from the road we would love to see these posters in action. Show your support and stick one up. Thank you.

Here is a poster in action 🙂

Here is the poster for you to download (we only have 2000 so if you can help by printing your own, it would be very much appreciated. Don’t forget to take a picture and send it in to us or post onto our facebook page.

Download the Poster Here


2 thoughts on “Posters for your window now available!!

    1. Hi William. There are more coming this week and will be available from the Blue Mugge. We will update when they are ready. Thank you for your support.

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