Too little too late?

Excellent. Some action at last.. probably too late, as one ward is already shut, everyone has had their notice given to them, and people have moved on to new pastures to the point where the minor injuries was closed at one point earlier this year. I’d like to be positive, but it just seems to be ‘lipservice’. Also, why ask people now? She knows everyone in the Moorlands is in uproar about it, well, she would have done if she had actually turned up to any of the various meetings that have happened…..

Anyway, I have filled the form in on the site, as I want OUR hospital to stay and be upgraded for the all the Moorlands population.

I suggest you fill it and have your say…

As I said above, it is just ‘lipservice’ and seeing to be doing something, when in fact this is too late. It’s about as much use as that ‘motion of no confidence’ that has been sent. It’s basically KB and Sybil pretending too fight against their own party rhetoric. The people of the Moorlands won’t be fooled by this. They know what has gone on, we have a full timeline of events.

The motion of no confidence is a total joke as Sybil just wanted it to be a ‘local’ thing, and really didn’t want it to go to Parliament. I have seen the ‘finished’ motion and it’s basically ‘cap in hand’ and about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Once again, it is purveying the image that she’s bothered and appalled by what is going on. The thing is, the Moorlands population isn’t that easily fooled. It’s pathetic.

I have attached it for you to have a read and make up your own mind.


Within the document there is a link to the full meeting, (here it is watch from 1:28:00 to 1:37:00 as this shows that Sybil wanted the ‘Motion of No Confidence’ to be a ‘local thing, and really didn’t want it to go to the Secretary of State (as I said above).



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